Our team is able to organise assistance with household tasks on a daily basis. Meal preparation, house maintenance, general cleaning, laundry and even yard care are tasks that can be challenging for our clients to undertake. When providing assistance in these tasks we assure individual preferences are maintained.

Our Services

Here at Western Star Care our services include:  specialist disability accomodation (SDA), household tasks, house or yard maintenance, cleaning and laundry. These include essential tasks that the client is not able to perform, such as meal preparation  and delivery. Daily personal activities in assisting with and or supervising personal tasks of daily life to assist and enable the client to live as independently as possible. Assistance with travel and transport, community participation . Managing life stages, transitions and supports.

Our Values

Here at Western Star Care our values include:


Our aim is for all people with disabilities to feel supported, respected, and provided with the best possible care and services they deserve.

Our Mission

At Western Star Care our mission is to provide the best support and care to people with disabilities in a safe environment. We believe that everyone has the choice and power to be able to decide on what is best for their own individual needs.

Our team will do their best to help, assist, and provide the highest possible care to our clients.